Neighborhood Planning

The mission of the City of Wilson's neighborhood planning process is to strengthen neighborhoods, improve quality of life, and create healthy, livable communities within the City of Wilson. This is accomplished by assisting community members in finding the community preferred solutions to community defined issues.

The City's 2030 Comprehensive Plan outlines the intent and need for neighborhood area planning efforts to develop specific strategies for each neighborhood. These community based efforts will continue to produce small area plans which are intended to be adopted by City Council. These plans will guide implementation and revitalization efforts including projects, partnerships, programs, policies and procedures.

Barton Area-NorthWest-Old Wilson Neighborhood Plan

This neighborhood plan focuses on the historic neighborhoods located east of Nash Street and includes the neighborhoods around Barton College and portions of the Old Wilson and NorthWest Neighborhood Associations.
Neighborhood Map

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Plan History

Three neighborhood meetings were held thorughout the creation of the plan: February 24, 2011; September 8, 2011; and February 18, 2012. In these meetings, residents identified strengths and weaknesses, solutions, and priorities.  The plan was formally adopted by City Council on March 15, 2012.

A Neighborhood Advisory Group guides the process and includes residents and business leaders from the neighborhoods, including the presidents of the two neighborhood associations represented.

Content of the plan is based on citizen and community input. As part of the information-gathering process, a neighborhood survey was distributed door-to-door to residents to identify strengths and opportunities. Surveys were also distributed to Barton College faculty, staff, and students, and to staff and faculty at Margaret Hearne Elementary School.

Next steps:

The City, neighborhood organizations, residents, Barton College, and other groups are working together to implement the recommendations of the plan. 

For more information, please contact the City of Wilson Planning Department at 399-2211.