Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Action Plan was adopted on February 16, 2012, and is the results of the City's commitment to promoting a safe, efficient, interconnected transportation network for school-aged children to walk or bicycle to and from local schools. Providing opportunities to safely walk or bicycle to schools, local parks, and neighborhoods can enhance quality of life, instill good healthy behaviors, and increase the sense of community that occurs through pedestrian interactions. A Task Force comprised of the Wilson Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board and the principals of each of the SRTS schools provided guidance and input throughout the development of the SRTS Action Plan, and will assist in the implementation.


Six schools are included in the Action Plan: Margaret Hearne, Vick, Wells, and Winstead Elementary Schools; and Forest Hills and Toisnot Middle School.


FINAL Safe Routes to School Action Plan

February 2012


Click here to access the document: SRTS Action Plan



Past Activities:

Safe Routes to School Community Workshop
February 4, 2009


Community Workshop Report



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