Symposium of Ideas

Symposium of Ideas
Meeting Summary
December 3, 2008 

To kick-off the process for developing the City of Wilson’s new 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the City hosted a public event entitled “Symposium of Ideas”. All members of the community were invited to attend the symposium. A significant outreach effort was undertaken by City staff to get the word out on the event and the larger planning effort. This outreach included radio and TV reports, articles in the Wilson Daily Times, emails, flyers, phone calls, and outreach by word of mouth.  

Over 140 people participated in the event, showing that Wilson’s citizenry is interested and wants to be engaged in developing plans for the City’s future.   The symposium had four (4) objectives: 1) to describe the purpose and objectives of the comprehensive planning process, 2) to educate Wilson’s citizenry on the ways that they can engage in the planning process, 3) to explore how other communities have addressed issues that Wilson now faces, and 4) to learn from attendees which ideas for improving the community are priority for further exploration.  

Symposium of Ideas Agenda
Symposium of Ideas Summary
Answers to Symposium Participant Questions

Symposium Presentations

Commercial Corridors and Intergovernmental Cooperation - Greg Dale
Neighborhood Conservation - Loryn Clark
Downtown Revitalization - Dick Hails
Economic Development - Anne Stoddard 

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