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Address: 310 GREEN ST NE   Location ID: 32670
Landmark Name:A.P. Simpson House   Build Date: ca. 1880
Current Owner: OTERI RICHARD S & 
Historic District Name: Old Wilson
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Landmark Details: Exceptional detail is found on this late Victorian cottage, built for A.P. Simpson, a dry goods merchant. The slat balustrade, lacy scrolled brackets and a delicate sawtooth frieze are some of Wilsonís finest surviving sawnwork details, and add to the warmth and the character of the home. In 1882 it was purchased by J.F. Farmer, a community leader who served as Pastor of the Primitive Baptist Church, Justice of the Peace, and Chairman of the Wilson County Board of Commissioners, and since the 1920s has been owned by the Howard/ Dickenson family.
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