Certificate of Appropriateness

  1. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines applicable to your project. If you do not have a copy of the guidelines, please ask.
  2. The written description is your opportunity to describe exactly what changes you are proposing to the Commission. Use the checklist on page one of the application as a guide. (ie: "We plan to replace the porch floor with 3" wide tongue & groove pine. Rotten joists will be replaced, an additional pier will be added for support. While the porch roof is supported, we will remove and repair the columns, reconstruct the rotten bases, and strip the paint off the railing. Railing and columns will be painted cream, matching the trim on the house, and the new floor will be painted gray, and all materials will be reinstalled in their original locations." OR "Siding will be painted light green - Brand X #1234- all trim boards white #1000, and all doors and window sash dark green #1238".)
  3. If staff has required a site plan, please provide an accurately dimensioned plan showing all structures, driveways, trees and significant features. You may submit an engineer's survey of the property, however, proposed changes and their dimensions MUST be noted on the survey.
  4. Verify accuracy and completeness of your application; as incomplete applications may not be heard. Download the application below.
  5. File this application with the City/County Preservation Planner at the Wilson City Hall , 112 N Goldsboro St , Wilson , NC 27893 . If you have questions, please call 399-2217. The Preservation Planner will gladly assist you in making sure your application is complete.
  6. The level of the proposed work and its conformity with the Commission guidelines will determine if your application will be reviewed by staff or referred to the Commission.
  7. The staff and members of the Commission may visit the property in order to familiarize themselves with the existing conditions and the proposal.
  8. You are encouraged to attend the meeting at which the Commission will review your application. This will enable you to verify the facts of the case and answer any questions that are raised by the Commission or neighboring property owners.

If you have any questions you may contact the Preservation office at 399-2217.


COA Application COA Application (32 KB)
COA Application COA Application (32 KB)