Help about My Neighborhood Search/My Neighborhood Report

  • When searching by an address, you may type in any part of the address or the whole address.
    (Example 1: 100 Main St) (Example 2: Main St) (Example 3: 100 Main)
  • When searching by an owner's name, you may type in the last name, and then, the first name. The last name must be followed by a comma in order to search correctly. You may also search by either first name or last name only.
    (Example 1: Smith, John) (Example 2: Smith) (Example 3: John)
  • If you could not find your property address, or you think the address information in the city's system is incorrect, please contact the City of Wilson Public Service Department at (252) 399-2435 or e-mail
  • Parcel data is maintained by the County of Wilson, any questions and issues with tax information or parcel boundaries, Please contact Wilson County Planning Department at (252)399-2900.
  • A Location ID is a unique number which identifies each address inside the City of Wilson. A GIS-PIN is a unique number which identifies the parcel property. Some properties can have multiple addresses, like apartment complexes or condominiums. Some properties may have no addresses, such as empty lots.

Help - My Neighborhood Application Interactive Maps

Help Interface

  • Title - "My Neighborhood" GIS application title
  • Links - Web links to "My Neighborhood" search page, help page and "My Neighborhood" application home
  • Tool Bar - The different toolbar functions that can be used to interact with the map(see below for details)
  • Layers & Legend - Shows which layers are visible on the map and which layer is currently active, also shows the map legend when the user toggles the layer/legend-toggle button from the tool bar menu
  • Map - interactive maps
  • Mode - Show current tool bar button clicked
  • Text & table - Displays forms for users to type information or display attribute tables

Help - My Neighborhood Tool Bar Functions

Toolbar Image

Toolbar Name



Toggles between the legend and the layer views.


Allows you to turn on an overview map for orientation


Zoom In

Zoom In with mouse click or define an area by clicking and holding the left mouse button to draw a selection box.

Zoom Out

Zoom Out with mouse click or define an area by clicking and holding the left mouse button to draw a selection box.

Zoom to Full Extent

Allows you to Zoom to the absolute maximum extent of the map with a single mouse click

Zoom to Active View

Allows you to Zoom to the maximum extent of the active layer with a single mouse click

zoom previews & Zoom forward

Allows you to navigate to the previous extent or next extent displayed


Allows you to change the map view in any direction without changing the scale of the map

hotlinks hyperlink to a webpage based on the gis features clicked



Identify specific information from a map layer


Allows you to construct very specific SQL inquiries of the data used in a particular layer


Pre-defined searches, like address search, owner search, etc.


Allows you to make distance and area calculations



Allows you to define a buffer around selected features

Select by Rectangle

Select GIS features by click and holding a rectangle

Select by line or polygon

Select features by drawing a line or a polygon


Clears all selected features from the active layer


Set bookmark

Set up the map bookmark for the interested area

Open Bookmark

Open the map bookmark


Creates a "Ready-to-Print" webpage with the current map view and the legend which are ready to print

Select Scale

Zoom to specific scale for printing and other purposes

Help - My Neighborhood Layers & Legend Frame

  • Visible - To turn layer on/off. User must click Refresh Map button after making the selection
  • Active - Select active layer to search/query/buffer based on the selected layer
  • To use identify, search, query and buffer function, the target layer must be both visible and active
  • Click the toggle button from the tool bar menu to switch between the legend and the layer view.

Help - My Neighborhood Interactive Maps Embedded Pre-defined Searches

  • Parcel
    • Search by Owner, Search by GISPIN
  • Property Addresses
    • Property Address Search (more reliable), Location ID Search
  • Streets
    • Street Name Search
  • Subdivision Search
    • Subdivision Name Search

Help - My Neighborhood Interactive Maps GIS Layers

Parks, Schools, Fire stations, Police Stations, Parcels, Master Address, Major roads, Streets, Historic Districts, Council Member Districts, Watersheds, Zoning, Subdivisions, Buckhorn Reservoir, Water Features,Voting Precincts, Town Boundaries, City Grids, ETJ, City Boundary, County Boundary