• What is the "My Neighborhood" application?
    "My Neighborhood" is a GIS application in which online users can search by either address or owner's name to retrieve a customized property report and map. With "My Neighborhood" application, users also can do basic geo-spatial analysis online.
  • Do I need to download any plug-in for this application?
    No. No plug-in is required to use the "My Neighborhood" application.
  • Do I use my mailing address to search, or do I use physical address to search?
    Users should use the physical address to search although most of the time, the mailing address and the physical address are same.
  • I live in Wilson county, does my neighborhood application report include data for my property?
    Probably. The City of Wilson address database includes many county addresses. However, some geo-spatial information is only available inside the City of Wilson corporate limits.
  • How often do you update your data?
    Addresses, parcels, Streets, Zoning are scheduled to be updated twice a week. Other GIS layers and data are updated as necessary.
  • I found an error in my property report? How can I contact someone to get it corrected?
    If you suspect there is an error in your information, please either send us an email via cowgis@wilsonnc.org or call 252-296-3344.
  • I got a message saying "a pop-up window is blocked". What should I do?
    Left-clicking any link while holding down the Ctrl key will allow a pop-up window to open. This will only work on links that spawn pop-up windows. Being able to view pop-up windows is necessary for "My Neighborhood" to function properly.
  • What is the difference between visible and active in the layer list?
    Visible means the GIS layer is visible on the map. Active means the user can perform geo-spatial analysis and search queries for the current layer. A layer must be visible before it can be made active.
  • Do the addresses in your database include apartment and condominium addresses?
    Yes. All physical addresses inside the City of Wilson corporate limit are supposed to be in the database. So if you are unable to find your address by address search, please contact us by email via cowgis@wilsonnc.org or call 252-399-2435.