Top 10 Code Violations

 1.   ELEC: Need Ground Bar And Two Ground Rods At Service Entrance.

2.    ELEC: Need Nail Plates To Protect Wiring.

3.    ELEC: Need To Label Electrical Panels.

4.    MECH: Need To Seal All Duct Joints. 

5.    MECH: Need 4" Clearance Between Bottom Of Duct And The Earth.

6.    MECH: Base Of HVAC Unit Needs To Be Elevated 2" Above Finish Grade.

7.    PLUMB: Water Heaters Need To Be Elevated 18" When Installed In A Garage.

8.    PLUMB: Purple Primer Needs To Be Used On All PVC Piping Joints.

9.    BLDG: Need Proper Fire Blocking.

10.  BLDG: Need To Install Rafter Ties.