To report water or sewer problems causing a health hazard, such as leaking sewage or a lack of water, please call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220.

To apply for water and sewer taps you may fill out the application in the Inspections Division. The order is then forwarded to Public Services. Any questions regarding location or time of installations can be answered by Maribeth McKinnon for water or sewer taps at 252.246.1103.

To inquire about water and sewr taps or any fees associated with connecting to the water and sewer lines, please contact Bryants Bunn, City Engineer at 252.399.2465.

For problems with residential interior plumbing, please call Allen Williams, Code Enforcement Officer at 252.399.2221.

For information on the Backflow Prevention Program, contact Martin Ball (Public Services) at 252.399.2460.