General Information

Almost all interior and exterior work requires a building permit to be issued prior to beginning construction. Performing work without a permit may put you in jeopardy of receiving a $100 late charge and possibly a stop work order.

To report work that is being done illegally you may call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220. We want to help you comply with the laws and we strive to provide maximum review time of three days on construction plans. If your project requires a site or subdivision plan these also require adequate time to review. Please contact Janet Batten-Holland, Assistant Director at 252.399.2215 if you have any questions.

To apply for permits or obtain information such as permit status or fees please go to the Inspection Division, second floor of City Hall, 112 Goldsboro Street E. or call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220. Inspection requests must be made before an inspector will visit.

You may check the status of an inspection by looking for stickers inside the front door jamb of the building. Each inspector will apply either a green or red sticker after completedin his inspection. The green sticker signifies a passed inspection. A red sticker signifies a failed inspection.

For information on zoning compliance, setbacks, flood information, watershed information or planning-related matters please call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220.

To report an overgrown lot or an abandoned/junked vehicle located on private property please call 252.399.2219 or 252.399.2220.

To report an abandoned vehicle on the street please call the Police Department at 252.399.2332.

Contractors may request temporary permanent electrical service in the Inpsections Division. Homeowners acting as their own general contractor should contact a Customer Service representative located on the first floor of City Hall. If you would like to apply to have your permanent electrical service released temporarily, you must first sign an affidavit with the Inspection Division and pay a $200 deposit to enter the program. An order request must also be made with Customer Services for the utilities to be turned on after the service has been released by us.

Same Day Inspections
Any inspection received by 7:30 am will be scheduled for the same day. Any inspection request received after 7:30 am will be placed on the schedule for the next working day. To help improve the efficiency of our operations all inspection requests, other than those accepted below, should be made after the work is complete and ready for inspection. We will not be able to accommodate requests for specific time inspections (PM inspections). Those exceptions include: footings, below slab, emergency pressure tests, electrical service change outs and open ditches including water and sewer new or repair of line from the meter to the structure. These exceptions requests must be received by 7:30 am the day of request with the time indicated for inspection request.