Construction Standards

Office Hours:
Inspectors office hours are from 8-9 am and from 4-5 pm Monday through Friday. All other times are by appointment. Please contact the Inspector directly for times and availability.


Each inspector handles interpretations or technical inquiries. Kevin O'Brien, Inspections Division Manager, handles detailed appeals. For all other appeals you may contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance for an informal interpretation. Formal interpretations must be requested in writing.

New Code Books
The new code books are available on-line at or walk-in customers at the NC DOI Office in Raleigh located at 322 Chapanoke Road Raleigh, NC. 

North Carolina Rehabilitation Code
The North Carolina Rehabilitation Code is the first building code in the state written expressly for existing buildings. You may view the website or download a copy of the Code from the links below.
NC Rehabilitation Code
Download a Copy of the Code

Name Office Mobile Commercial Review
Allen Peacock 252.399.2222 252.205.1901 Building
Wes Pope 252.399.2223 252.205.1914 Electrical
Allen Williams 252.399.2221 252.205.1898 Plumbing
Charles Taylor 252.399.2240 252.205.1891 Mechanical
Byron Kilpatrick 252.399.2880 252.205.5784 Fire