Applications & Forms

Agreement to defer utility improvements
Agreement to Temporarily Defer Certain Utility Improvements

Annexation Request
Annexation Plat Checklist
Annexation Petition Fee
Annexation Plat Requirements
Withdraw (owner will not withdraw petition for annexation previously filed)

Appeal to Administrative Decision

Citizen Amendment Request
Citizens Amendment

Conditional Uses
Conditional Use Permit
Highway Development District Conditional Use Permit
Residential Conversion Zone Conditional Use Permit

Floodplain Development
Floodplain Development Permit Application

Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Documents

Home Occupation
Home Occupation Permit

Permit Application

Special Use
Special Use Permit

Street Closing
Street Closing Permit

Sign Permits
Permanent Sign Permit
Temporary Sign Permit

Site Plans
Site Plan Acceptance Policy
Minor Site Plan Requirements
Standard Plan Sheet Layout Requirements
Additional Requirements of B-6 & I-3 zones
Landscape Plant List (Crepe Myrtle Use Change)
Public Services Standard Notes
Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan (General) Requirements
Site Plan Requirements

Subdivision Requirements
Final/Minor Subdivision Plat Checklist
Public Services Standard Notes
Preliminary Plat Requirements
Subdivision Design Checklist
Subdivision Variance

Technical Review Committee (TRC)
Submittal Checklist
TRC Submittal Process
TRC Contact List

City of Wilson Stormwater Division

Temporary Use
Temporary Use Permit

Variance (General)

Protest Petition (protest of proposed zoning map amendment)
Vested Rights Request
Zoning Text Amendment

Building Permit Fees
Planning and Land Development Fees
Sign Permit Fees