Planning and Development Services

2014 Submittal Dates


The department is responsible for:

  • Guiding development in Wilson in a way that enhances each citizen's quality of life and is sustainable
  • Ensuring development is safe, attractive, and built to code
  • Improving neighborhood through plan development and code enforcement
  • Partnering with other city departments, Wilson Economic Development Council, and Wilson Downtown Development Corporation and supporting their missions
  • Preserving and protecting Wilson's historic resources
  • Working with citizens to ensure that they have meaningful input into the decisions that impact their daily lives.

In accomplishing this, the department has four program areas:

Construction Standards
Construction Standards is responsible for enforcing the North Carolina State Building Code through permitting, construction plan review, and building inspections. This team also processes complaints regarding to dilapidated structures in the City and seeks their repair or demolition.

City of Wilson GIS manages the citywide GIS services. The primary role is to support citywide GIS operations and spatial information needs. City of Wilson GIS provides GIS training, spatial data creation and management, geospatial analysis and decision-making support services to each GIS stakeholder.

Land Development
Land Development serves as the hub for new development projects in the City by coordinating the Technical Review Committee. This team reviews and processes site plans, subdivision plans, special use permits, zoning variances, flood development permits, sign and other zoning permits, ABC permits, and air quality permits. This team is also responsible for zoning enforcement and site inspections for new development projects. Land Development provides staff support to the Board of Adjustment.

Neighborhood Improvement
Neighborhood Improvement provides inspection and enforcement services by performing systematic housing inspections and enforcing nuisance and junk vehicle regulations.

The Planning team is responsible for long range planning, historic preservation, the rezoning process, zoning text amendments, conditional use permits, annexations, zoning appeals, and GIS mapping. Planning provides staff support to the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, and the Highway 301 Advisory Committee.

Current Projects


Amortization of Unscreened Trash Containment Devices (Screening is required by July 1, 2011)
PowerPoint Presentation
Section 12.H: Trash Containment Devices

Internet Cafes
Requirements for Internet Cafes
Potential Location(s) for Internet Cafes Map
Special Use Permit

Comprehensive Plan
This project, Wilson ~ Growing Together. The Wilson 2030 Comprehensive Plan, strives to develop growth and revitalization strategies for the City of Wilson for the next 20 years.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
Every five years the City is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to update its Hazard Mitigation Plan. This current update is being completed jointly with Wilson County and the County's smaller municipalities.

Safe Routes to School
A plan to increase safe walking and biking opportunities for students at Hearne, Vick, Wells, and Winstead Elementary Schools and Toisnot and Forest Hills Middle Schools.

Wilson County Comprehensive Transportation Plan 2035
The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is North Carolina's new multi-modal transportation plan. The CTP includes community consensus on future transportation needs required to support anticipated growth and development. A CTP replaces and is different from the thoroughfare plans that have been in place since the 1950's.

Planning and Development Services
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