Single Family Rehabilitation Program

The goal of the Single Family Rehabilitation Program (SFR10) is to make a long-term positive impact on the City of Wilson's stock of standard affordable housing by encouraging the comprehensive rehabilitation of existing moderately deteriorated single-family housing units owned and occupied by lower income elderly and disabled homeowners.

Borrower Requirements

  • Owner occupied
  • Gross annual household income must not exceed 80% of the statewide median income. 
  • Elderly or disabled household member or a child under the age six with lead hazards in the home.Cost of rehabilitation including all mandatory, energy-related measures cannot exceed $45,000.

Property Requirements

  • Must be located in the City of Wilson or Wilson County
  • Must require at least $5000 of improvements
  • Must be free of environmental hazards or other nuisances or any such hazards or nuisances must be corrected as part of the rehabilitation of the unit 
  • Onsite  stick built and off frame modular units are eligible for consideration; however, manufactured housing is not eligible for assistance.  

Eligible Repairs

  • Install new roof
  • update kitchen/bathroom
  • update plumbing/electrical system
  • painting inside/outside of house
  • replace floors, windows, walls and ceilings
  • heating/air system
  • other general repairs depending on need

Loan Amounts and Limits

  • maximum loan amount $45,000
  • minimum loan amount is $5,000


  • 0% interest, forgivable loan as long as the owner resides in the home
  • The term of the loan is dependent upon the loan amount and the number of years it takes to bring the balance of the loan to $0, when forgiven at $3,000 per year.

There will be no temporary displacement. All families will be allowed to remain in their home while the work is being done.

All rehabilitation work is subject to State and Federal bidding regulations. No “owner-contractor” agreements are eligible. Bids will be awarded to contractors submitting the lowest responsible bid. All contractors must be properly insured.

Lead Based Paint Regulations

All houses constructed prior to 1978 requesting financial assistance will be subject to the federal lead-based paint regulations.

Under SFR10, a lead hazard evaluation must be performed on every home selected for rehabilitation that was built before 1978. The specific type of evaluation and the appropriate lead hazard reduction work perform will depend on the total amount of Federal funds used to rehabilitate the home, as per 24 CFR part 35.

It may be necessary for the household to relocate during the construction process for protection against lead poisoning. If relocation is required, it shall be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for the relocation.

For further information on Single Family Rehabilitation Program, call (252) 399-2230 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Technical Assistance

The contract for rehabilitation work is between the contractor and the homeowner. The Community Development Division acts as the lender on behalf of the homeowner. The following services are provided by the city:

  • qualify borrower/property for program participation
  • inspect property and prepare work write-up, detailing the scope of rehab work to be done
  • prepare paperwork relating to the contractual agreement between homeowner and contractor.
  • secure bids, monitor the work performance of contractors and issue payments to contractors according to the progress of the work.

Equal Housing Opportunity