Administration is led by the City Manager, and provides a link between the City Council, citizens and employees. Our staff is responsible for development of the budget and works with all departments. Administration also serves as a clearing house to connect the men and women of Wilson to requested services or departments
  Community Development
Promotes conservation of community man-made resources through rehabilitation efforts and revitalization programs for inner-city areas. Also works to eliminate urban blight and obtain funding for these programs.
  Financial Information Services
Responsible for the city Accounting, Billing, Collections and Customer Service. Also responsible for Purchasing.
  Fire and Rescue Services Department
Our department offers state of the art service and continues to pioneer new ways to serve the community,protect lives,and property through highly trained and well-equipped fire suppression forces.
Our Mission and Purpose is to partner with our customers in the effective integration of technology into their business that they may serve their customers better.  Includes the following groups: Administration, GIS, NCRT, Web Development
  Human Relations
The duty of the Human Relations Department is to foster better human relations in the City of Wilson by opening channels of communication, providing a public forum to hear concerns, promoting representation of all ethnic groups, and conducting educational programs.
  Human Resources and Risk Services
Our mission is to assist city departments in their efforts to prevent, reduce the severity of, and mitigate the impact of accidents, injuries, financial losses, and lost productivity incurred by the City of Wilson, its employees, residents, visitors, and businesses.
  Parks and Recreation
Walk in the park, enjoy athletics, hunt duck at Buckhorn Lake, swim indoors, or sign up for the new tennis program. Bank fish at Toisnot, play racquetball at Recreation Park Center, or join the Senior Fitness at Reid Street Center.
  Planning and Development Services
Department is responsible for proposing, developing and enforcing development policies for the City. Includes the following Divisions: Inspections, Housing, Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation.
  Police Department
It is the mission of the Wilson Police Department to improve the quality of life for the residents of Wilson through sensitive and effective services.
  Public Services
Public Services is the largest and most diverse department in the City of Wilson with 219 employees in 11 divisions. Public Services cover areas of city operation such as parking, traffic and streets, solid waste collection, transit, and water treatment.
  Wilson Energy
Wilson Energy – Wilson Energy provides the fourth largest municipal electric distribution system in North Carolina, and the third largest municipal natural gas system. More than one hundred employees provide reliable energy to homes, businesses and industries.