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Total Electric Savings of Wilson Energy Customers since September 1, 2015:

Rate Decrease Information

  • Press Release: Wilson Energy Tops $10 Million Savings in Residential Electric Costs (May 2016) (PDF)
  • Press Release: Lower rates, more money in our community (Sept. 2015) (PDF)
  • How Much You Can Save: Enter your monthly kWh into the savings calculator above to see exactly how much money you and your family can save.
  • More Money Stays In Our Community: Lowering our electric rates will save Wilson Energy customers every¬†month. On average, utility bills have decreased $62 per month since the electric rate decrease. That’s money that will stay in our community and help support local businesses.
  • A Team Effort: Wilson leaders have spent years working to lower electric rates. The NCEMPA asset sale is the result of years of collaboration between by Wilson, NCEMPA and many other interested groups. It’s a great example of the private and public sectors working together toward a common goal.

Want to Save Even More? There are several steps you can take to further reduce your electric bill: