Treatment Facility

Construction has been completed for the new solids handling facilities at the Hominy Creek Water Reclamation Facility at a cost of $17 million.  The project included the following:

  1. Dewatering facilities - to reduce the volume of biosolids for disposal
  2. Covered concrete storage pad for dewatered biosolids - to provide storage during wet weather conditions when biosolids cannot be applied to farm land
  3. Refurbished anaerobic digesters - to provide biological stabilization of biosolids
  4. In-vessel pasteurization process - to provide advanced stabilization of biosolids
  5. Septage handling station - to provide local septage haulers another option for septage disposal
  6. Biological nutrient removal basin - to provide compliance with NPDES permit.
  7. Expansion of State-certified laboratory and offices

Read more about the City's beneficial reuse of biosolids (residuals).



New Solids Dewatering Facility at Hominy Creek WWMF



New Lab & Office Expansion at Hominy Creek Wastewater Management Facility