Environmental Services

Environmental Services Overview

The City of Wilson provides weekly collection of household garbage, recyclables, and yard waste from all residential customers inside the city limits. These materials are picked up on the same day each week, however, due to landfill and environmental regulations, each must be picked up by a separate vehicle.

Other items are collected on a call-in basis.  For more information or to schedule pick up, please call 399-2485.

The Dispatch office can be reached 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at 399-2485.
Antoinette King, Crew Supervisor
Cliff Farr, Crew Supervisor
Tim Farmer, Environmental Services Manager

Environmental Services Mission Statement

To manage the city's solid waste stream efficiently and at the lowest cost possible while maintining compliance with governmental mandates, and to maintain the central business district, parking lots and city properties in a clean and litter-free manner.