Speed Hump Policy

Speed hump1. A petition bearing the signatures of at least 75% of the property owners within the affected block is required. Petition forms may be obtained from the City Engineer’s Office in the Public Services Department at the Operations Center on Herring Ave. Once signed, the petitions should be returned to the City Engineer’s Office.

2. Completed petitions shall be verified by the Engineering Division as to sufficiency.

3. A Homeowners Association or citizen interest group may make a request to the City to conduct a traffic study on a particular street prior to signing a petition. The association or group must be comprised of citizens who live on the requesting street(s). The request must be in writing to the City Engineer.

4. The street must be a local street and be classified as residential in nature. No speed humps will be placed on streets identified as thoroughfares on the City of Wilson Thoroughfare Plan.

5. Speed humps will be considered if the following criteria are met:

• Street width no greater than 36 feet (face to face)
• Average daily traffic (ADT) in each direction must exceed 800 vehicles per day
• 85th percentile speed must exceed the posted speed limit by at least three (3) miles per hour

6. The principle running routes for Fire/Emergency Services will be considered when determining if speed humps are warranted for a particular street.

7. The contact person will be notified of the results of the traffic study and whether speed humps are warranted. At this time, a petition may be required.

8. Speed humps shall be installed at locations determined by the City of Wilson Engineering Division to avoid several street features including but not limited to drainage facilities, utilities, driveways, horizontal and vertical curves, and traffic control devices.