Leaf Season

Curbside Leaf Collection takes place mid-October to mid-January each year. During this period, residents may place "loose" leaves behind the curb for collection. Peak period occurs between mid-November and Christmas and collection takes longer.  Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.

  • Loose leaves are collected by crews using vacuum machines.  To insure city-wide coverage, established routes have been developed and are pre-assigned.  Your neighborhood will be serviced as quickly as possible.
  • To expedite pickup, especially during peak season, putting leaves in bags, sheets, roll-outs or other containers enables compost crews to pick them up on your regular yard waste day.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is UNLAWFUL and a VIOLATION of CITY CODE to place, sweep or blow leaves and other yard waste into the curb, gutter, street, storm drains or catch basins. Warning notices will be issued to violators, with tickets issued to repeat offenders. Materials MUST be placed behind the curb for collection.

Please do not place leaves over water meters or utility boxes.

The employees in the Environmental Services Division are pleased to provide this service to you. We request your cooperation and patience as we work to Keep Wilson Clean and Green!