Compost / Yard Waste

Residents must provide their own containers for yard waste (compost).  Rollout containers are not required, but are encouraged and are available for purchase.  Please call 399.2485 for details.

  • Yard waste should be placed in bags, sheets, or containers with handles.
  • Leaves (collected loose between mid-October and mid-January only; must be put in containers at all other times)
  • Limbs (no longer than 4 feet in length and not to exceed 100 pounds) must be bundled and tied.  Please note: limbs exceeding these limits must be called in for special pick up.
  • "COMPOST” stickers are available at no charge to identify compost containers. They may be picked up at 1800 Herring Avenue, or one will be delivered to your residence upon request (399.2485).
  • Yard waste generated by contract labor is not removed by the City of Wilson.
  • Please do not pile yard waste on top of water meter.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is unlawful and a violation of city code to place, sweep or blow leaves and other yard waste into the curb, gutter, street, storm drains or catch basins.  Warning notices will be issued to violators, with tickets issued to repeat offenders.  Materials must be placed behind the curb for collection.

CompostCompost is Available

Yard waste is taken to the Wilson County Landfill, where it is shredded, composted, and made available to residents for a small fee. Compost is loaded from 8:00-10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday. For further information, please contact the landfill at 291.7335.