Stormwater Administration


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The stormwater management program is entirely funded by stormwater fees based on the total amount of impervious surface (e.g. buildings, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) on properties in Wilson.
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Addressing and Land Management

Implementation of the address policy is the responsibility of the Public Services Department. Addresses become official when assigned to a recorded subdivision plat or a building permit. Street numbers will be assigned with the street name that is most parallel with the main entrance to the structure. When a new subdivision plat is received in the Public Services Department addresses will be assigned to each lot. Normally, proceeding away from the center of the city, the numbers on the left side shall be odd and the numbers on the right even.

When multiple addressable structures are placed on “one” lot which has street frontage and no interior name street exists, the lot will be assigned consecutive numbers along the street frontage. Logical unit or suite numbers may be assigned within the buildings by the managing authority for the site and should be conveyed to the Public Services Department. All addressable structures on the lot have the assigned street number for the lot as the prefix and an alphabetical suffix. (Example: 3401 Raleigh Road Pkwy., W., Suite 1C).

Additional questions may be directed to Andra Lucas at 252-339-2435.


Geographic Information System
The Stormwater GIS Technician is responsible for creating and maintaining data layer information for all stormwater pipes, storm drains and manholes.  Information is gathered from maps and field data collection to enter into the database. The division also creates and maintains maps for impervious areas for all commercial developments and maps containing conservation areas and stormwater ponds.  This information is available to the public by clicking here.


Stormwater Management Budget and Finances

Nutrient Sensitive Waters Reporting